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About Enefit & its partners


Enefit is the national energy company of Estonia and is recognised as the world's largest oil shale energy company with 100 years of experience in producing liquid fuels and electricity.

Enefit owns and operates some 2,000 MW of direct oil shale fired mine-mouth power generation plants and supplies electricity to some 430,000 customers.

Enefit has recently finished the construction of a 300MW circulating fluidised bed power generation plant in Estonia which is the most efficient oil shale fired power plant in the world with the smallest environmental impacts.

Enefit, whose oil shale technology is regarded as the most advanced technology available in the world, will be developing and implementing the oil shale projects in Jordan and supplying their expertise and technology for oil and electricity production.



YTL Power International Berhad

YTL Power International Berhad (YTLPI) owns and operates some 5,500 MW of gas, oil and coal-fired power generation plants in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and is an active trader of oil products in the Singapore market where it has approximately 1 million m3 of storage capacity.

YTLPI also owns 100% of Wessex Water Services Limited, a water and sewerage services company that serves the south west of England, in the UK, and a one-third stake in ElectraNet S.A. which owns and operates the electricity transmission network in South Australia.

In Jordan, YTLPI will contribute its experience in developing and operating large energy production projects and trading assets in emerging markets.



Near East Investment

Near East Investment (NEI) is the holding company of the Near East Group, founded in 1963 in Amman, Jordan.

The Group's main focus is project development, aviation, telecommunications, and real estate and it manages a diversified portfolio of assets. The aim is to be a global investment group that seeks, recognizes and participates in growing trends, and to contribute to society.

The Near East Group also owns Ayla Aviation Academy, which is based at King Hussein International Airport, Aqaba, and the Atlantic Flight Training centre in Coventry, United Kingdom.