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Oil shale – a Jordanian resource whose time has come

This portal has been developed by Enefit, the world's largest oil shale developer, to provide visitors with an introduction to oil shale in Jordan, the advanced technology available to extract and process mined oil shale, and how oil shale has the potential to transform Jordan from being dependent on foreign fuel imports to being a net exporter of energy.

Oil shale

Oil shale is a domestic resource that will provide the Kingdom with a long term supply of cheap, reliable and abundant energy that can cater to a significant percentage of Jordan's domestic energy requirements and provide a long term solution to the country's energy needs.

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In partnership with local and international partners, Enefit is currently in the process of establishing two parallel oil shale projects in Jordan; a 500 MW oil shale fired power plant and a shale oil production plant.

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Enefit's oil shale projects in Jordan will deliver a wide range of socio-economic benefits for the Kingdom, most importantly helping to reduce Jordan's reliance on costly fuel imports and provide the country with increased energy independence and security.

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