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06.09 2013

Specialised Jordanian and International Mining Companies submit bids for Kingdom’s first Oil Shale Fired Power Plant

The Attarat Power Company (APCO) has announced that five specialized Jordanian and internationally renowned mining companies have submitted binding proposals to provide mining services for the Kingdom’s first oil shale fired power plant that is scheduled to start generating electricity for local consumption by 2017.

APCO will now proceed to evaluate the submitted bids to start more detailed negotiations with the preferred contractors, who will be required to handle annual mining volumes exceeding 21 million cubic meters of overburden material and oil shale.

The mining area assigned for the power plant in Attarat um Ghudran is approximately 11 km² and estimated to have sufficient oil shale resources to supply the power plant for more than 40 years.

Mined oil shale from the open cast mine will be transported to the power plant fuel yard, where it will go through an enrichment and homogenization phase, prior to being fed into the power plant for energy generation.

His Excellency Bassam Kakish, President of Enefit Projects in Jordan, stated, “We continue to make steady progress with our plan to establish the first oil shale fired power plant in the Kingdom that will provide a sustainable, viable and much needed solution to the Kingdom’s current and long term energy challenges.”

Jordan’s oil shale reserves of approximately 40 to 70 billion tonnes are seen by many energy analysts and economists as a valuable local resource that will play an important part in Jordan’s national energy mix, enabling it to reduce its reliance on costly imported fossil fuels and establish an increasing level of energy independence.

APCO is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enefit Jordan BV which is owned by Enefit (Eesti Energia AS), YTL Power International Berhad and Near East Investments Limited. The oil shale fired power plant, the first of its kind in Jordan and the Middle East region will generate approximately 460MW of electricity using the most advanced and clean oil shale production technology available.

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