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Facts and figures

Energy supply for 1000 years

Jordan's identified oil shale deposits are estimated at between 40 billion to 70 billion tonnes – at current usage rates, these reserves could supply Jordan's energy requirements for at least the next 1000 years.

Oil shale is projected to contribute 14%

Oil and natural gas currently constitute approximately 96% of the energy mix in Jordan – by 2020, oil shale is projected to contribute 14%.

Enefit oil shale facts

Enefit's oil shale fired power plant will generate 470 MW of electricity, reducing significantly Jordan's expenditure on energy import

5,500 construction jobs and 1,000 new jobs
Enefit's oil shale power project in Jordan will create 5,500 construction jobs and, once operational, 1,000 permanent jobs.

We have mined more than 1 billion tonnes of oil shale
More than 1,1 billion tonnes of oil shale have been mined, 200 million barrels of oil have been produced, and more than 600 TWh of electricity has been produced from oil shale in Estonia to date.

Oil shale experience in Estonia spans 100 years
Uniquely in the world, Estonia has been using oil shale to produce electricity, heat, gas and oil for nearly a century. First oil shale mine was opened in 1916 and continuous mining started in 1918.

Global oil shale facts

Daily shale oil production 17,000 barrels
According to the World Energy Council, in 2008 the total production of shale oil from oil shale was 930,000 tonnes, the equivalent of 17,700 barrels per day – in comparison, production of conventional oil and natural gas liquids in 2008 amounted to 3.95 billion tonnes or 82.12 million barrels per day.

Increasing energy demand
Almost 75% of the expected increase in global energy demand through 2030 will occur in developing countries.

Unconventional resources will quadruple
It has been forecasted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration that by 2030 world production of oil from unconventional oil resources will quadruple to 13.4 million barrels of oil per day, representing 13% of total global petroleum supplies.

Total cost of imported crude oil on the rise
In 2011, the total cost to Jordan of imported crude oil, oil products and natural gas reached JD3.84 billion – an increase of 51% in comparison to 2010.